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Afternoon family walk
Afternoon Family Walk

JAZZ LATINO del Valle de Guayangareo


She is taking a picture
She is taking a picture…


  • Jazz Latino del Valle de Guayangareo
  • David Villanueva: piano y teclados. Nemesio Villegas: sax alto y tenor. Omar Marín: bajo/contrabajo eléctricos. Carlos Pavía: conga y percusión. Efrén Capiz C.: batería y dirección
  • UNAM – Centro Cultural, Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • October 7, 2014
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This post includes a variety of styles, from photo-realistic to contrasty with soft detail. Technically, actual differences are quite minor. And by the way, that green light in some of the photos is lens flare that comes from shooting into the light source directly I could have cloned it out – but with these I could only see it as a bonus, not a fault.