One A Day – 1036 – Juan Alzate Jazz Quintet

In Performance at Amati Jazz and Blues – Juan Alzate Jazz Quintet

Crowd Pleasers

From the back

Hot Shoes

Sing Along

Take it easy buddy…


Steady, solid

Dreaming Jazz


Purple Haze

Always Colorful

Just Right

Make Beautiful Music


The right note…



Spot On

Sax in Front

  • Juan Alzate Jazz Quintet: Juan Alzate – saxofón, David Villanueva – piano, Fernando Mendoza – batería, Iván Lara – bajo, Flavio Meneses – guitarra
  • Amati Jazz & Blues Club
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • August 18, 2017

This post is very late – the concert was two weeks ago – but I have been very busy getting ready for tonight. So before I get into that, let me say this concert was as always, a great treat. Juan is the key driver of jazz in Morelia and one of the leaders of the local movement to keep it relevant for both students and audiences of the genre. Listening to the music and group he brings together is a very worthwhile way to spend a Friday night.

What’s happening tonight? The opening of Retratos – Talentos en Jazz at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – Alfredo Zalce, MACAZ. I have 89 photos covering the three salas in the downstairs area of the museum that will be shown tonight to the public for the first time and continue on display until October 20th. The exhibit is large by the standard of most shows for individual photographers and it has been part of my daily life since February of this year.  The selection of photos, the final checks and edits, building of the digital library I used to ensure I had them all captioned, printed, mounted and framed – was an ongoing concern. I mounted about a third of the collection in the house so I could get comfortable with it and begin to show it to people involved in the exhibition. The final photos added to the exhibition were taken at the end of July. The collection is just a part of about 5000 photos I have covering five years of music in Morelia.

My intent at this point is to use the Retratos (portraits in English) title to cover a series of exhibitions that will span a number of different areas I am very interested in. This will include the pueblos and people in the area, artists, fiestas, photowalks and many areas I have yet to define and center on. Talentos in Jazz is the first exhibition of my work in many years and the first major showing I have had anywhere. I’m very pleased it is happening and a little overwhelmed at the number of interviews I have been asked for and interest of the press and people in the area. I’ve been toiling away almost in private for a long time.

So, we will see what’s next. It is a new day and all speculation at this point.