1139 – Sunday FotoWalk

Starting Sunday Breakfast

Santiago de Tapia

Nearly Timeless

Dos Pesos Tacos

You Can Have Anything You Want

Too Classic for Words


Jardin Manuel Altamirano

Photographer’s Selfie

Flying Neon

Smooth Ride

Dark Texture 1

Afternoon Feeling

She Walks

Yellow Brick Road

Running in the Shade, with the Family

  • FotoWalk
  • Simona Barra Saludable, walking, & on a bench in the park
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • March 24, 2019

It has been too long since I went out on a photowalk. I started this one, last Sunday, at a place I’ve wanted to go for a while and had a nice, calm relaxing breakfast at Simona. I will go again. And again.

All of these photos, except the first one, are impressions of the scenes I saw and captured. For those that are artistically or technically interested, these are done with a system that allows me to apply and combine a wide range of graphic effects to my photos. I can apply textures, contrasts, masks, defocus, changes to detail, fractals, smudges and many more effects alone and in combination, There are some preset starting points, and I can save my own presets when I find one that I think I might want to do again, but the problem is the effect that worked with one photo is as likely as not to be a failure on another.

The cubist effect on Yellow Brick Road, the cartoon effect on Dos Pesos Tacos – are more or less one-offs. They are dependant on the contrasts, dynamic range, apparent lines and a lot more in the originals. To that end, every photo is first edited with my normal system (Lightroom) to my standards for an original, then processed for the effect and then returned to Lightroom for the final adjustment. Depending on how long it takes to find a good effect to apply to the photo, it can take from 20 minutes to a couple of hours to get to a final.

If there is a specific point I feel I need in the final, like the walker’s face on She Walks, or the concentric circles and bubbles in Photographer’s Selfie, it can get very hard to find a good application among the millions of possible variations. But that said, when I do find one – it is quite satisfying.

One of the points of this exercise was to stay in one place and capture things going on around me, instead of walking or going specific points. From Flying Neon on, I took photos only from one spot, sitting on a bench in the park in front of the library.

I hope you enjoy what I am doing with these. Yes, I am going to keep working on it.


2 Responses

  1. Coop says:

    Nice eye! You’ve a great talent for capturing the beauty of everything from a street scene to graphics on a wall. I’ll bet the photo manipulations are fun! More photowalks….

    • mike says:

      Thanks Robert! I love photowalks and there are definitely more coming. It has been too long. Glad you are enjoying the ride!