One A Day – 911

DROPDOGS: Leo Genovese - Keyboards, Rodrigo Dominguez - Sax, Hernan Hecht - Drums

Dedicated to Sound

  • DROPDOGS: Leo Genovese – Keyboards, Rodrigo Dominguez – Sax, Hernan Hecht – Drums
  • Amati Jazz Club
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • September 8, 2016
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

This morning I’m working on edits and managing my library of work. I’m getting ready to do an upload to Flickr when I find a photo I had flagged for edits but never worked on. One look tells me I need to. It is the kind of dramatic point of view I love along with just the right color and lighting for a tone-mapped treatment.

I got a deal on Aurora 2017 HDR when it came out and I have been gradually integrating it into my workflow when it might fit. Using it for single image tone-mapping is different than other HDR editing systems I’ve used because it can give subtle results when it is appropriate – a look that is unique but doesn’t scream tone-mapping. Tools like this are very subjective for me. Sometimes I really enjoy working with them and sometimes the effort is just too much for the results.

I’m getting close to having enough work printed for an exhibition. It has been a long process because the body of work I have is large and varied. I don’t want to mix too many concepts in one show – keep it simple as they say. I have work showing in a couple of places now but as yet there isn’t a curated view of work as I see it. Soon.

Lots more photos coming this week… We will see.


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  1. Guille Pacheco says:

    Great pic! As always!

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